Love Among the Fax Machines

The workplace is to romance as mold is to penicillin. Romance grows in the workplace, penicillin grows on mold!

Workplace Romance

Assuming employees work eight hours per day with a one hour lunch, that’s a total of 45 hours over a five-day workweek spent in the work environment. Also assuming they sleep eight hours per night for a total of 56 hours per week, means that there are only 67 hours left during the week for them to pursue other activities. So, not even considering commuting time and after-work business activities, the average employee spends over 40 percent of his or her awake hours at work.Love Among the Fax Machines

Taking those hours into account, it’s not surprising that many employees find a romantic connection at work. Plus, unlike meeting new people via Internet dating sites, blind dates, visits to a local bar, or social gatherings, working people have the time to become acquainted and comfortable with interesting coworkers before a relationship becomes romantic.

Employer Concerns

Although workplace romances may spell trouble for employers, only a small percentage (13 percent according to a Society for Human Resource Management survey) of employers have in place a formal workplace romance policy. These policies generally contain one or more of the following prohibitions:

  • A total ban on employee romantic fraternization.
  • A ban on employee/client/customer romantic fraternization.
  • A ban on romantic relationships involving a supervisor and a subordinate.
  • A ban on romantic relationships between members of the same department, team, or crew.

Regardless of company policy, no management edict aimed at curbing this very basic human activity will probably ever succeed.


Workplace Romance Participant Problems

Workplace romantic relationships may start well, but if they eventually head south, the person hoping to end the relationship can’t just say, “I don’t want to see you anymore!” Because he or she will, as long as the two parties remain employed by the same organization.

On a more serious note, the person on the losing end of the relationship may harass, threaten, stalk, or otherwise intimidate the person trying to end the relationship. If that activity results in a complaint of sexual harassment, the complaint must be thoroughly investigated by management and appropriate discipline administered…

Illicit Workplace Romances

While workplace romantic relationships between unmarried individuals present employers and participants with several challenges, the biggest problem is encountered when one or both of the parties of the workplace romantic relationship are married or committed to someone else…

Realistically, the most common illicit workplace romantic relationship involves male supervisors and female subordinates. Employers and employees must recognize the potential damage these relationships may cause the employing organization and the careers of the parties involved in the illicit relationship.

Can Acupuncture Heal Headaches and Migraine?

We’ve heard about the many wonderful benefits of acupuncture. Although some Western medical experts still can’t accept it completely, we could not deny the fact that this ancient medical treatment works.

Chronic migraine can be difficultOne of the common illnesses that acupuncture can cure is a migraine. According to researchers, this medical treatment is not only safe and effective in treating migraine, but it also helps achieve positive effects. The YinOva Center on 11th Street is a leading NYC clinic that can relieve your migraine, if you plan to go this route.

There are different reasons why a person can suffer from a migraine. It could be stress, hormonal changes, eating habits, and even sleeping disorders. A mild case of a migraine can last for a few hours. However, some patients suffer from a headache for days. It is said that a migraine happens when the blood vessels of the brain grow bigger to release the chemicals from the nerve fibers. This eventually causes inflammation and pain will occur right after.

There were tests and investigation conducted to prove the effectivity of acupuncture in treating migraine. During the study, it was concluded that a person suffering from a migraine who underwent acupuncture treatment has fewer migraine days and the intensity of pain was also lessened. The research also found out that a continued acupuncture treatment for three months could very well give a positive long-term benefit for migraine patients.

Why is that so?

This is due to the biochemical mechanisms which are liable for the pain killing effects of acupuncture. The drugs that migraine patients often take usually intervene with the analgesic action for cerebral vasodilation dysfunction and pain through the induction of cerebral vasoconstriction. The myosin light chain kinase found in the cerebral vessels are activated during the vasoconstriction process. When acupuncture is done, there is a prompting of myosin light chain kinase in the area of the meningeal artery.

Six acupuncture points to target for migraine alleviationAccording to acupuncture experts, there are six essential regions that you need to target when a person is suffering from a migraine. These are the forehead, the temple region, the face region, neck region, foot region and the hand. When you insert the needle in these areas, it can help clear the blocked meridians, and the energy can flow freely in the body, and it will be able to release endorphins which is the natural painkiller that our body produces.